What’s inside the Volcano Vaporizer?

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What’s Inside the Volcano Vaporizer?

What’s inside the Volcano Vaporizer? Exactly what you would expect. High quality parts, that look absolutely built to last.

SAYwhatIwant says:

Oh thank God I don't have this vape. I thought it was and was like FUCK but I have a better one

devtank says:

Awesome thanks for this.

dindu nuffin says:

If your element stops heating take the lid off and carefully check the 2 wires sticking out behind the column. They can get loose with heat expansion and contraction over time. careful not to touch them both at the same time…

Robert Angelo Robes says:

Dear Sir,

I had an accident with my Digital volcano vaporizer. It was a 110v and I accidentally plugged it into a 220v outlet. Now it doesnt work. I opened the vaporizer and identified the component I need. It is the transformer inside. However, due to the damage, I cannot read the rating/value of the transformer. Could you kindly send me the details of the transformer. I saw it in one of your videos, but I cannot see the details written on it.

Thank you very much!

depoteco says:

You said t10.. But we are seeing them all with t8 Torx Screws..

MaltaMcMurchy says:

LOL @ "herbs"

zekehooper says:

still not worth $599! at least to me.

James O'Brien says:

How does it vaporize without liquid? This is confusing for me. Any explanation would be appreciated. ( I hear you mention the 'liquid fail valve' )


mine has died after 6 years and 3 months of daily use, the element no longer heats 🙁

Wolfgang Howl says:

Leave it to the Germans!

420squeeg says:

Fuck me, that thing makes mine look filthy : Mine's 5 years old, though

Roann Louw says:

The pump alone costs volcano 180 euros to purchase for manufacturing

sbeck90630 says:

Hey vapeologist,
Love all your videos for clean and simple delivery.
You mentioned a liquid fail valve for the volcano. What the heck is that ??
Anyway. Thanks for all the work that goes into your videos.

socialperson says:

for 700 bucks that thing has shit parts!. total cost to build this unit is 100 bucks.

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