WISPR 2 Portable Vaporizer Review

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WISPR 2, the latest portable vaporizer from IOLITE. The WISPR 2 not only heats up much faster than the original WISPR, but also remains at a more precise temperature.

You can purchase it at: vaporizor.com/wispr-vaporizer.html

Features an easy-to-view Fuel Level Gauge and is cool to the touch thanks to its mesh vented outer grill. An upgraded foldaway silicone mouthpiece adds extra value to this high-quality portable vaporizer.

Will you be away from a power source? Camping? Hiking? WISPR 2 can be used in all circumstances with its refillable butane system. Simply bring along an extra butane canister for extended times away from home.

WISPR 2 heats up in as little as 30 seconds to an optimal temperature of 210°C / 410°F. Load finely ground blends to ¾ capacity of filling chamber for best results. The patented flameless catalytic heater ensures an even and thorough vaporization of your blends.

You can purchase it at: vaporizor.com/wispr-vaporizer.html

Vaporizor Reviews says:

Please also see our Facebook post on the Wispr 2: www.facebook.com/vaporizors/posts/413163365513091

Vaporizor Reviews says:

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Johnatan quintanilla says:

nice nice … with the wispr2 … you can vaporizer vho o extractions? xd

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