World Record 31 Gram Dab by Glasassin @liveresinnobudder at @studio420

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watch this world record Dab done at @studio420 on a dual 50mm hater keg by @pukinbeagle on the XXXL jammer by AKM


A little bit of smoke came out of his eye ay 7:58

Jordan Ruppert says:

He's still sleeping I heard.

Nathan Moss says:

fucking worthless people.

Meelow says:

lmfaoo people who dab are idiots, like just smoke weed.. this guys perfectly good brain being put to fucking waste hahaha

Mustafa Senegal says:

Legends say he is still high

MonsterKat says:

This guy needs a new word dedicated to him… a stoner isn't enough.

Mr Cash says:

This video should have been labeled; World Record Dab while not taking your mouth off the pipe. This isn't a 31g dab. This is a guy smoking 31g over 5 minutes.

StilwellMotovlogger says:

Imagine how bad his lungs hurt or how sticky his teeth were

Damian Velazquez says:

I want to see the video of him after this

iExcIuded says:

Is he awake yet?

iExcIuded says:

Is he still high?

Mat G says:

Wow what a waist of my time.

miseryschewtoy says:

Man, I don't know who the fuck the guy on the left is but I'm 100% positive I'm in love with him

NinjaSushi says:

Way too freaking hot dude. Yuck. But I guess if the dab burns faster it makes it seem like you guys dabbed it all.

NinjaSushi says:

Get a damn propane tank next time. That took forever to heat up.

Lil TV says:

some say he's still high to this day

Andreas Jacobsson says:

rocket ship? 😉

Clover Clover says:

What clowns!

Marky Ranger says:

Is this dude alive?

Travis Rader says:

Legend has it, he's still blitzed

Timo20x says:

fuck you. ridiculous. u dabbed maybe 3 or 4g. what was left was surely not all reclaim.

Christopher Russell says:

You look like an emaciated Johnny Hendricks.

Flyingpies1 says:

guy needs a fuckin shovel to dab all this

Jackson Haug says:

Bud will never be the same for him again lmao

Juan Zambrano says:

17 gram dab. Doesn't look like 31 grams

hackedit4u says:

I don't understand the amount of tweekeniss you guys are doing nowadays. Roll a fatty take a walk and enjoy nature. You guys look like crack heads

Dalton Dyrud says:

Dude probably didn't even inhale

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