Wulf Duo Concentrate Vape from Wulfmods

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Hi Folks,
I have another new vape from Wulfmods. This time however, we are getting a little more into the premium category with the Wolf Duo! The Wolf Duo is a two in one vape for both oils and concentrates. It’s basically a really small variable voltage boxmod with a really cool interchangeable cartridge system. One cartridge houses coils for thicker concentrates and the other is a cartomizer style for thinner oils.
The design of the Duo is amazing…. I had seen pictures of it but when I took it out of the box it was waaaaay smaller than I had anticipated. Like half the size of a standard boxmod. One of the features I really like is the magnetic face plate, it’s so seamless that it actually had me trying to figure out where everything was!
Performance wise, the Duo is a beast! Unlike the smaller pens that can clog or are better suited for maintenance hits, the Wolf Duo is the real deal. This is a solid vaporizer that is as good as the stuff you put in it!
For more information or to pick one up of your very own head on over to wulfmods.com

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