X Vape Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer Review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

X Vape Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

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Davo Vera says:

Very good review, How about the battery life?

purple rain says:

Anyone tried this yet?

I intentions I says:

What ever happened to bogart

CannabinatedFantasy says:

seems like the design would dry out your lungs with the ceramic in front of your mouth

afortunatefool777 says:

how long does the charge last?

sefrzan says:

only if someone did the same thing with a glass screen, and also what is the heating element made of? More aluminum?

virgen virgen says:

What temperature did you use???

Hits Blunt says:

“Look on website first thing that pops up is $99 me I’m way to poor”.” lights up blunt”

Calzones DeFuego85 says:

Which in you-all opinion is the best quality&price vape? I want one with a well built construction and affordable price 🤔

jaypeak says:

hey matt love all these vap reviews, been looking at getting a new vape since i"m dissatisfied with my lunch box vape. and weed will be legal up here in canada in a few days.

Temsha Sanaie says:

Love dry herb vaping. Not liking the high thc,low terpene corporate weed thats circulating though. Kinda defeats the purpose

The Great Gazoo says:

Vaped flower tastes terrible and smells like poodle shit on a hot sidewalk…

John Doh says:

If you need $20 carts delivered in south Bay Area or shipped lmk my snap is yvng_ad13

385dead says:

Thanks, Matt! Great review!


In your opinion Matt don’t mean to put u in the spot … which dry herb 🌿 unit is the best u used and good price..? I want to buy my first one but I don’t want to Clutter my cabinet with lots of useless once’s ? Thanks amigo

Luiz LuNa says:

Hi Matt, they do shippings to México? I live in Guadalajara and I'm very interested on that vape


Hey im interested in getting a dry herb vape. Is it like other vapes where you have to buy new coils and shit? Or new screens? Or can you wash the one it coms with?

jake nenni says:

I luv ya Matt but why the hell happen to bogart

Rolling With The Wizard says:

This seems like a handy gadget! Great video once again guys!!!

I am not a bot I’m a real boy says:

Can you buy these in Europe

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