xCodeh Volcano Vaporizer Review

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Frank _ says:

This machine is my custom order adjustable pencil sharpener.

Dvid perez says:

“Dawg I need to go to sleep” definitely feel that

iron man says:

Cody quality content

Little Fire says:

I’d say that it’s my giant buttplug

Zamboni says:

Here before 1 mil 😂 this channel better take off soon cause you deserve it bro

Ad964 says:

I'd say it's some sort ofncrock pot or cooking device it looks like

Sonic Titan says:

This video is really informative for new users, took me a while to learn a lot of the stuff you mention in this review. I've had a volcano for about 7 years and it still works as good as the day I bought it, best investment i've ever made. As for hiding what it is, if I don't wanna get searched while traveling or something I sometimes say that it is a dehumidifier lol

zoela boy says:

Namibia in africa

Nathan Egan Street Workout says:

What’s that Lofi song at the beginning

Visual Lena says:

Watching in poland 🤪🤪

Cain Fredricks says:

I’m in Cali

Jayden Beckham says:

I get blasted 2-3 times a day before work or college off of the volcano vaporizer. By far 2nd favorite way of smoking (1st is joints as well) stay lifted and stay snazzy cody!!🙏🏽

Thedown stairgob says:

Inside the us

paul says:

watching from uk

John Douglas says:

Watching from SCOTLAND. I have the mighty and PAX 3 unable to get volcano as parents 🙁

Stromatic says:

12:45 "thwee"

StoneyBlue says:

Lemon Kush is my favorite bud! Thanks for mentioning it.

1CleanS13 says:

try the sublimator!!!

Carlin Schilling says:

watching this shit from germany man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up

AngryTranny says:

ive had my volcano for 11 years theres no opther vape better than it

Yuk! beats says:

i got murder on my mind

Miguel Guedes says:

Portugal day One fan

YAPiSGodSend says:

I really miss your old videos man… Was hyped to see that vanilla wood! #lovexcodehnotinagayway

CHEYNE says:

lol this was on my birthday

Chris Reid says:

Man I hope u get something Atleast im watching all the old vids

Amir Omar says:

Brother. 20:17
Had me CRACKING up at that part 🤣

matic ulaga says:

Do you have to censor the word weed? Youtube really is broken…

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