Yocan Ceramic Donut coils. They forgot my sprinkles!! | STONEReview #9

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In this video I take a look at the brand new Yocan Tech ceramic donut coils. Yummy donuts!

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Yocan Replacement Coils (5-Packs)
Cerum Ceramic White: bit.ly/2ELOox4
Cerum Ceramic Black: bit.ly/2FbkRL2
Cerum QDC White: bit.ly/2o6ZXVX
Cerum QDC Black: bit.ly/2BydKwe
Evolve Plus XL: bit.ly/2C4mTOa
Evolve Plus Ceramic: bit.ly/2szRv6l
Evolve Plus QDC: bit.ly/2o7o3A6
Evolve Ceramic: bit.ly/2Hp6Vxv
Evolve QDC: bit.ly/2o7Htov
Evolve-D Pankcake: bit.ly/2HqB1Rs
Magneto Ceramic: bit.ly/2GncH1A
NYX Ceramic: bit.ly/2BAeSzu
NYX QDC: bit.ly/2EKH3xR
Torch Ceramic: bit.ly/2ENWW6B
Torch Pankcake: bit.ly/2FcdPWp
Torch QDC: bit.ly/2Fam5WT

Info about FastTech: youtu.be/JLvRefRpIL0

The hardy boys says:

The ceramic donuts do not get hot enough to burn my live resin but shatter vapes ok but some of it seems to slide under the donut. I probably won’t be buying donut coils again

Jose says:

Would those coils work on a 40w eleaf istick or eleaf istick pico? or are there better coils i can get for that mod

Adam Kennedy says:

Are the original evolve and the nyx coils interchangeable?

Rich Jeannetti says:

ceramic coils for xl available? and can you use dry products?

Lackadaisical Child says:

Where did you get those lanyards on your evolve pluses?

C Bradley says:

Do the Ceramic Donuts for the PLUS work with the previous Evolve(non-plus version)?

TheBeLuvdTRex says:

Do the donuts glow? I don't think mine are working.

Kaixfikwind says:

Mmmmmmmm Gramatik was the first thing I heard, nice.

alex felix says:

can't wait till u get one for the nyx

Andre Pimenta says:

yo it was sweet seeing u at the dispensary yesterday keep up with the videos man there dope

r l says:

are the ceramic worth it? do they last longer ?

r l says:

yes sir ordered one of those from you on ebay 🙂 sorry for the miss clicked cancellation 😛 can wait to get the nyx!

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