Yocan Evolve-C

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In this video we will be showing you the Evolve-C from Yocan.

Jesse Shultz says:

How do you clean it? The tank where you put the cbd in? thanks.

Jackie Stoicovici says:

how do I know when it is charged..there is a light on the charger and a light on the pen

Sofia C. Daigneau says:

Do I have to hold down the button to get it to vaporize the liquid? How long?

ciara balderrama says:

Can you put THC oil concentrates in the CBD tank or “glass tank”? Or are those syringes suppose to be compatible with the “wax tank” because of the consistency? Thanks In advance!

Leggo MYLEGYO says:

I'm trying to use mine, but there's a fucking silicon piece that blocks the loading of the cbd, can I just tear it off or what?

Sandra Heston says:

What type of coil does it take

D Ontiveros says:

Is there a cap for travel? Concerned about it leaking.

Shandon Lare says:

can you attach a pre filled cartridge to this?

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