Yocan Evolve-D Dry Herb Pen review they didn’t tell you about

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This is what I had to say.

Alexandre Cote says:

I bought just the top for 25 so I can hook up to my already existing battery mod. Kinda feel ripped off lol (Canadian prices)

Dab Rat Laboratories Reviews says:

Good honest review / for sure not a sales pitch 👌

The Great Gazoo says:

Bought one today for $30. Harbor Freight has some cool little 4 piece pick sets that would work great to clean out that chamber. Also the oil cartridges will screw right in to the battery which is cool. May not be the best one out there, but for the money not bad!

J.Adams says:

God if were my neighbor I’ll probably bribe u with herb for dates… cute chick

Josh Merrill says:

looks similar to the atmos vape pen i bought and you definitely get what you pay for. nice review, keep on keeping it lit !

c monkeys says:

I have the same problems. I purchased a Yolanda Evolve-D Dry Herb Pen one week ago for $37.82 U.S. dollars. It is a huge disappointment. The herb doesn’t burn evenly. Only the center portion of the coil heats on a brand new coil. When I think it’s all burned, I open it to refill and I find there is still unburned herb around the edges (walls) and at the end closest to the mouthpiece. I always have to open It and remove the ash, then close it to try to burn and the remaining herb (which doesn’t work). I have been using the recommended techniques to troubleshoot.
Even if it worked properly, it doesn’t hold enough herb.


I sure will. Thanks!

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