Yocan Evolve-D review | Queen Dej

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Let me know if you guys want me to show you guys how to clean this item!! Follow Me Gang!!!
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This is not sponsored so my review is completely honest!!

Link for the Pen!!!

drew jackson says:

had mine about a month now. thank you for this review, i already had took the tobacco out my life and this made it 100% dry herb! 📼🔥 #ishaVCR

Gil Sanders says:

Nice video. Would you recommend the yocan evolve 3 in 1?

Flip Wad says:

Good video, just got one, waiting for it to charge, packing purp, Jah bless queen!

NoMoreHeroes Muzik says:

How do you know if it’s fully charged?

adam williams says:

whts up girl iv been thinkin bout buyin a vape pen and im pretty sure its gonna b this one but can u tell me are u happy with it and does it get u as high as smokin a bowl or sum like tht ???? p.s u fine af haha

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