Yocan Evolve PLUS • Teardown • Battery mAh Capacity Test | STONEReview 27

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Disassembled on March 30th 2016 [TWENTY-SIXTEEN]

Posted by request

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Yocan Evolve Plus
Black: bit.ly/EvolvePLUSblack
Blue: bit.ly/EvolvePLUSblue
Orange: bit.ly/EvolvePLUSorange
Red: bit.ly/EvolvePLUSred
Silver: bit.ly/EvolvePLUSsilver

Ceramic coils: bit.ly/2szRv6l
QDC coils: bit.ly/2o7o3A6

Info about FastTech: youtu.be/JLvRefRpIL0

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Kin Cheng says:

LOL 1volt no wonder these always go out in three weeks it clearly doesnt have a low voltage cutoff.

Topspeed350 says:

You go bro!!!

12ctsmith says:

Ive had my evolve plus XL for less than 2 weeks and now it won't even hold a charge, is there an alternative to what battery I can use? I used to vape and have a few box mods amd mech mods laying around with some 18650. Will that work?

KLoarty says:

O'Canada…fantastic teardown. Way to stick it to the shady man. Respect

M.M F.M says:

Love the tech vids Bro. Out and about videos even more…. Puffing away on my Yocan Evolve. Cheers!👊

RRUKE says:

Do you plan on stop buying yocan products? Anyway love the channel just recently subbed!

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