Yocan Evolve Plus Best Wax Vape Pen unboxing, review, how to load, charge, use, change coil, turn on

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The Yocan evolve is the next generation of the trailblazer evolve, the evolve plus has a larger coil, dual quartz and ceramic donut technology, a larger battery and a silicone jar attached to the bottom of the pen! Buy one Here… www.hookahshisha.org/wax-vape-pen-vaporizer-yocan-evolve-plus-vape-pen-kit-p-1302.html?cPath=88_75 or here

Casey Wagner says:

Where you live?…the hood?!? But, helpful video. We just got wax for the first time and my boyfriend bought this pen. We love the conscience…

HappyQuails says:

Zoom in next time, your camera is too far away

HappyQuails says:

Does this and the evolve turn off automatically if someone forgets to. turn it off?

Sausagehappymeal X says:

I just bought this.. Idk how it works yet lol Thanks for posting this!

Edit: The other lil coil.. is just an extra?? I been trying for 20 minutes to attach the 2nd coil with no success, I see why LOL

Lori Metcalf says:

awesome, Thank you

beasticles101 says:

how can i remove the battery

Dope Head says:

I bought one of these a few days ago worked great for like three days now its burning my oil funny and it smoke smells bad changed coil get couple hits and the same thing starts happening iv gone through 5 coils. I have no idea whats going on

Leanne Smith says:

hi i bought mine a few weeks ago and i cannot get it to work :'(

Heidi Duffield says:

How long should it take the ceramic coil to heat up? Only have used quartz coils and unit has been sitting around for a while. Took it apart and cleaned,,, now charging again?? As i had put in new coil and turned on and right away it blinked. With no instructions,, lol,, that I can find… any help?? It won't turn on,,

Gici says:

I dont have my coil Coil cap or my quartz dual coil (QDC), How can I Get new ones?

okey dokey says:

Where can I find the ceramic donut coils?

Nicole Kroeger says:

how long do you intially charge this unit when you take it out of the box for the first time? Thanks

Jacquie Katona says:

Having issues turned it on coil heats but will not draw through .. but yet I can take it apart and draw through the coil and the mouthpiece fine when apart.. put it together and nothing…any suggestions

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