Yocan Evolve Wax Pen Review (Quartz Dual Coil!)

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Crazygone 510 says:

Just picked one up today and I am pleasantly surprised on how well it hits. Nice vid and happy smoking to ya.

T-Money S. says:

Just bought one today…had zero clue whatsoever on how to use it…wanna hear how dumb I am? Even after watching your great vid, I put the wax in the wrong spot so of course, I had to watch it again…paid attention the second time…pretty fucking cool, brother…….pretty fucking cool….I subscribed because you deserve whatever you get for said subscription…thanks…. and….thank Yocan for making such a bitchin product….going to enjoy this for a while…especially the jealousy of my friends…sorry…not going to tell them where I got it…wow…I'm never this selfish…..PEACE AND LOVE!

bane bukowski says:

Just purchased mine earlier today and I must say that I love it

Sabrina Saxon says:

Yo i love this lil pen. I have one that cost a lot more money but doesn't hit as good… So gooooo yocan evolve. I want the evolve plus now…

Mr Magoo says:

good review. I agree this pen hits like a dab rig, and isnt too complicated. I love mine. I watched another review of the same product and the guy in the video was trying to smoke hash with it. he gave it a bad review and never even used the pen correctly.

Jesus Espinoza says:

how long do you leave it charging?

madmattr6 says:

I'm trying to decide which to get this or the brass knuckles….which would u suggest?

Brandon Mayer says:

Is this the plus or just the regular yocan quartz dual coil? Also can you post link to order?

Sid P says:

Ok, Bye-bye G-Pen Cloud gooey mess garbage… Wasting wax.
Gonna try this one, I've seen before and couldn't for the life of me find it again, and finally after a week or two I found it!
I'm hoping that atomizer cap is going to keep this pen clean… hopefully.

Thank for the review!

Johnny Carrillo says:

thanks man I'll check it out….how do you get companies to send you free stuff..I like your videos and was wondering how to get hooked up like that…I'm very limited with funds due to being disabled and can't always afford meds for my pain.

Johnny Carrillo says:

I have the old Yocan 3 with Nero technology and it was OK but this one looks like it hits better…where can I get one?

Herpa Derp says:

I have one of these and they are awesome. Great price and great performance. Anyone looking for a new wax pen should grab one of these ASAP

CaptainEO420 says:


GreenSteam23 says:

nice pen I like that a lot!

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