Yocan Evolve Wax Vape Pen unboxing, review, how to load, fill, charge, clean, use, change coil

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The Yocan is the trailblazer of the wax pen industry. With it’s dual quartz tehcnology you are sure to get a nice hit every time. Very durable, reliable and good battery life. With the dual quartz technology you get a cleaner vaping experience and better taste!

Purchase one here: www.hookahtown.com/product/yocanevolve-quartz-dual-coil-concentrate-vaporizer-pen-starter-kit/

or Here:

J Schwartz says:

too all the ones bitching about this pen, you must be rookies cause i had no problem in figuring out how to use it properly. One of the best pens ive had

WaffleAssasin says:

I'm a complete noob at this, can I put juice in there or is it for only concentrates

Toby Walker says:

YO why is My evolve pen have a red blinking light that blinks ten times an wont heat up with any new coil installed ????

Lay-Z says:

Just got my Yocan Evolve Plus XL in gold colour today. I ordered two; I might make an unboxing video with the unopened one.

Tyler Babiuk says:

Can you use the coils on a vape mod?

Charles Harner says:

can some one tell me how the charging works, when I plug mine into charge it the red light around the power button on the battery stays red, it doesn't go out till I unplug it from the usb port, is this normal or should it go out when charge is complete, the little light on the adapter turns solid green

Charles Estes says:

Either I have a defected product or the how to videos were useless because you can barely see what's illustrated.
How the heck does this piece of work, work?
And it would be so helpful if you would zoom in so a clear view can help solve whatever issues we/they or I have.

Glenda R says:

I just got mine missing coil cap I called email nothing back 😐

Bobby Keim says:

Thanks for wasting my time. The most important party was rushed through.

Chase Blood says:

I just bought one of these at a little smoke shop in socal. I paid 20 bucks out the door. Best wax pen I have seen at that price. Hits great.

Sploosh Poops says:

this pen is shit. i barely get any smoke from it and then gotta keep refilling it

j en says:

this pen is a piece of crap


overheats, almost no smoke despite completely filling chamber w/dabs after no success w/ a small dab on the coil

also… tastes like ASS

Johnny Sawyers says:

still don't know where to put the wax

freebobbycb says:

What's it mean when it flashes from green to red while charging

Mary Clare Stazzoni says:

Who can possibly see what you are doing? It is NOT self explanatory or people wouldn't be trying to find out information from your video. Very poor presentation.

Ron neel says:

still no clue how to use this, worthless vid

Stephen O'Curran Pappy says:

do you need to take apart to charge ?

Jonathan Williams says:

just received mine from you guys, very satisfied!

Joel Jimenez says:

The camera should of zoom on the product. Can't see shit.

liquidbraino says:

I've noticed that after I've smoked from the vape pen… I'm so goddamn high that the vape pen becomes like a Chinese puzzle (can't figure out how to put this damn thing back together). I'm so high right now I couldn't find my own ass with both hands, a protrator; compass; USGS grid map; Ranger beads and a GPS.

C & S nation says:

so you can just use it right out of the box?
so you dont need to add juice?

Toriel Dreemurr says:

wax or liquid vape julie thingy??

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