YoCan Evolved – D Dry Herb Pen Review!

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S/o to YoCan/ my white boy. (LATE Review) “Note I Do Not Own Copyrights To Music”

Lexster says:

Thanks for that toke man

Gypshyn _ says:

Oh hell yeah!! I can't wait to get one #NOMORERELLOS

Goons 909 says:

do u get the taste of weed or nah?

Tee Mack says:

I seen this video I went and bought me one you write that s*** hits and get you space f*** it's good

Truekush says:

11:30 this shit ain't workin…11:50 DAMMMMM😂😂😂😂

Sweetspirit16 says:

You funny asf man 😂 thanks for the review tho 🤘🏾

Lil Snow says:

11:55 gud shit😂😂😂😂

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