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Yocan Loaded Concentrate Vaporizer Review

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Just when you think they’ve created it all, Yocan delivers another impressive device. The Yocan Loaded concentrate pen comes with some new cutting-edge features that will create the ultimate on the go use.

Lets start at the top. The Loaded comes with an extendable mouthpiece, which protects the tip from the elements of your pocket, providing a cleaner way to vape. A magnetic coil hides behind a vape door, making switching coils a breeze. The Loaded comes with 2 coils, a quad quartz and a dual quartz. Both provide a phenomenal flavor with a smooth hit.

A 1400mAh battery keeps this device running for multiple days on one charge. Like most vapes, this Yocan uses a micro usb charger, which is included in the package.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Loaded has a removable magnetic silicone jar attached to the bottom. The dual compartment jar provides plenty of room to store 2 types of concentrates.

At 129mm tall (with the drip tip extended), the Yocan Loaded is a premium unit that can travel wherever you go.

Chelsea Sherwood says:

This pen is garbage. It wastes an unholy amount of product. The battery is junk too. Go with a brand that offers ceramic quartz cups.

Tylor Rainey says:

Yo bro I like ur video good look on the info bc when I first got my yocan loaded I watched ur video bc I didn't no shit a out it I took my first hit with out twisting the top to extend the mouth piece lol but yo watched ur video good look on jnfo

Tylor Rainey says:

Yo bro just took my Ozzy duplex back they couldn't return it but yo I saw ur yocan concentrate vape I watched ur video to c all I could do good look bro on video I payed 56$ for it but u no this shit was totally worth it I don't like big things eather bc my pants arnt tight but not loose so it may stick out but didn't no u twisted top to hit it i hit it with out twisting it and I wondered y bottom screwed but yo I like this this is best hands down concentrate vape it's better then the Ozzy with concentrated don't allways get cloged thanx

Edward Yamada says:

Very strong magnets. It’s heavy but the quad generates huge clouds and the taste is decent. Battery lasts multiple days but it takes a couple of hours to charge, so plan. Cleaning is easy; price is right – I got mine for $49.99. Highly recommended if you want a long lasting battery and don’t mind the hefty weight.

juliah fl says:

Definitely looking forward to getting one of these! Are they easy to work with? I had a hard time with Evolve Plus and wax. Wax was everywhere and so hard to work with.

Tens says:

Put ya face in thedisplay pic mate. You'll get more hits

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