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Buy one here… www.hookahshisha.org/wax-vape-pen-vaporizer-yocan-magneto-wax-vape-pen-p-1786.html?cPath=88_75
or here…

Released Spring of 2017 the New Yocan Magneto is the most convenient, easy to load vape pen on the market. It’s incredible airflow makes each puff tremendous even after many uses as it does not clog easily, and the built-in silicone jar and dabber ohhh the dab tool, are just off the freakin chain!

Dill Quincy says:

First vape I bought for wax.. so badass.. glad I bought this shit no doubt

whothephukami says:

You sound like you've got a gun to your head. Slow down m8

Lozza1383 says:

Maybe I have a bad one but the coil tastes so gross and now cloud. I had to go out today and buy a dual quartz coil to try. It tastes like hot chemicals with the magneto coil. Thoughts? I'm new to this but I'm pretty sure it's not user error!

MrsMusic160 says:

How do I know when to add more wax. Looks like there's wax on my cap and around the coils and sides but I don't want to but the coils.

Jason Khammo says:

The light started flashing 5 times after five uses I reached out to their customer service and got vague response from them respond in 24 to 48 hours nothing so I did it again and I got the same exact automated respond I finally put a negative post on their actual website then someone reached out to me to give me a bunch of BS this product is a bunch of BS I would never buy this

Cole Rozyla says:

What's with the skyrim logo

anna banana says:

I have this pen, though yes I'd like a request to a tutorial to clean the pen, the box does come with instructions, but like some I'm a visual learner and would prefer to see it being cleaned vs just reading about it, so I don't f*ck sh*t up.

My issue is with how much air flow it gives, it doesn't have O rings like some concentrate pens that would come with them that gives it the seal to take a good hit, we have to pretty much preheat the coils for 10-13seconds before being able to take a nice rip from it.

Gustavo Moreno says:

how do you get one and do they sell replacement parts for them?

SantisandKisin says:

does water filtration really work? the smoke is way too strong… where can i buy that adapter, pls? how much it cost?
anything I can use instead of it for now??? Thanx in advance!

SantisandKisin says:

just got it, looks like, it needs to fill up the cup quite well, otherwise, no vape

Toby Trueman-Farrell says:

What is the battery called ??

chris8098 says:

How long I charge it for don't want over charge

Mykl MacDonald says:

I hate this pen. I would honestly like your review now that you've used it for awhile. @HookahTownUSA

Odin Gungir says:

He didn't say anything about how to clean the wax pen

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