Yocan Tech Vaporizer Reviews – Evolve, Evolve-D & NYX

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Reviewing vaporizers from yocantech.com
The Evolve, Evolve-D & Evolve NYX

Buyescart Vaporizers says:

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Robert Moya says:

The Dpen rips 'ard.

Hammer Smith says:

ALAS!!!!!!!!! I have smoked for 35 years. I have been searching for the code and you showed me the way. I haven't smoked like this before. and I haven't smoke for over 40 days. my friend hooked me up with this idk wtf I was doing. but you showed me where to put the material thank you I have been looking everywhere but nobody "here's where ya put the shit". now I know to put it directly on the coils. you are a righteous bro. may capt. redbud bestow upon you the buds from beyond. thank you brotha

TechLeo says:

Nice Review Dude ๐Ÿ‘ I hope you visit my Channel I also do Reviews of all stuff๐Ÿ˜‰

Toriel Dreemurr says:

can use regular vape juice with this?

The Cannabis Explorer says:

Sweet all kinds of choices!

jason p says:

Just a little heads up, yocantech acknowledged there is a "Glue" inside the evolve atomizers, not the evolve plus or the evolve d or the nyx but the original yocan evolve, there is glue in there and they wont disclose what kind or whether its safe, the atomizer heats up to 1000F do you want to inhale hot glue vapors? They also threatened to sue me for slander for letting people know fuckcombustion.com/threads/yocan-evolve-wax-pen.20035/page-11 thats where they admit it.

James Garcia says:

damn dude, you're blowin up with the merch!

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