Yocan THOR portable Enail- Yocan original review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Yocan THOR portable Enail- Yocan original review

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Upgraded one works quite good now, more and more new and great products are coming soon by Yocan, thank you for your support.

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Chez Chaz says:

nice video very believable

Poke Guy says:

dabbing lube….seems legit

Glasstech7 says:

this does not look like something I want on my rig… too bulky

JakeyPie says:

What are you dabbing ??????

Sir Globs Alot says:

This shit is fucking funny!

Ant B. says:

are they dabbing travel toothpaste?

Adam Yanez says:

What was she dabbing??

dirtybongwater grows meds says:

great upgrade on the battery and coil thanks for the vid and sharing the info. looks like a great travel piece. thanks again and would love to do some testing for ya if ever needed due to I think your coming up with great ideas and I love my nero tech 

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