Zeus Arc vs DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Comparison Review

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TVape shows you the Zeus Arc vs DaVinci IQ vaporizer comparison review, and lets you know which one ends up on top!

Both of these portables are top class, but we figure out exactly where you should spend your big bucks.

If you wanna pick up the DaVinci IQ:

If you wanna pick up the Zeus Arc:

To learn more about this particular comparison, check out the TVape blog post here: tvape.com/blog/zeus-arc-vs-davinci-iq/

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Hans Maulwurf says:

Good job!?

valveman12 says:

I have the IQ and the ARC GT. I use both and they both work fine. ZEUS will get you bigger clouds, but the temps are very high. The vapour from either device is cool due to cooling paths.

Sean Keating says:

DaVinci means from Vinci, as in Leonardo from Vinci, He was a bastard with no last name. Their name means from Vinci, but they are from America. I.Q indeed, a low one, I however am very smart.

nariminator says:

I mean the vapor on the Iq looks pretty great but when you exhale the draw from the Arc it's a much more massive and dense vapor cloud you get there. Did you put similar amounts of herb into both units in your draw reviews? Did you use comparable temperatures?

Marko says:

That pic of rick and morty behind is dope 😀

KeyMedia Comms says:

NO CONTEST! ZEUS ARC GT has this one!!!

Tom Billard says:

Once the battery is shot you have to toss the whole unit

User One says:

I find the moving parts in the vaporizers are the first to die. How are the moving parts on the IQ vs the Arc?

Robert Galati says:

The Arc looks much less complicated

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