$40 to $200 Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison (Titan I V/S DaVinci IQ) Cannabasics #119

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(21+ Educational Purposes only) We compare the $40 Titan I V/S the $200 DaVinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizers today on Cannabasics #119. Sponsor: www.nyvapeshop.com Use the code RUFF7 for a special offer!

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Vape TheMartian says:

I love expensive vapes like Davinci would upgrade to that than the pax3 and the battery change is a plus. But, I wouldn't buy cheap vapes if you can't change temps, better battery life, less maintenance (cleaning) and cool features like the pax.

inesh g says:

The davinci is made with medical grade materials the titan 1 is gonna be way more harmful the airpath probably goes through electronics and made with cheap materials. Please if you're going to get a battery powered vaporizers save your money and invest in a fury 2 or a xmax starry

DaFranchise3947 says:

Wait…Is this a Titan ad?

Larry Cook says:


TheTruthNJ09 says:

Former Titan user:
You shouldn't be using it in 2020. The model in the video is the V1 which you definitely shouldn't be using due to issues with the metal filter holder and its adhesive. The V2 as better, but the metal filter holder is still a pain. There are better one for not too much more money than a Titan.

Dirty Burger says:

How long did each one take to heat up Nd to what temp? I had a cheap one and it would take forever.

Joseph Yartins says:

That titan 1 is exactly like my mig vapor torpedo. I hate it because the battery life and heat up time are very poor.. I might get two loads from one charge and doesn't even perform well unless it is on max setting.

Phrancklyn Billson Mc says:

Hello ' ruffhaus… become is possible Buy your product ?
Wher' s catalogue of shop in The world …?

King Jonesda1st says:

Been a ahwile bro you still go live ? Nice to catch the upload. ✌?

Inferno says:

I was actually looking for a dry herb vaporizer just today. You telepathic maniac haha

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