Check out the 3 major benefits you get from using a vaporizer to consume your herb rather then smoking it.
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Mr. Solo Dolo Feat. Arizer Portable Vaporizer Other great sites to look @
Join me as I review this cool wax vape. I love the molecule design too! *****PLEASE NOTE: THE ADDRESS IN THE VIDEO IS WRONG**** that is a wholesale site please use the site below. [More]
Pax 3 Vented oven lid from Newvape with 3D pusher. Makes a massive difference to the draw, now I am 100% happy with the Pax 3.
Previously I compared the Haze V3 with the GoBoof Alfa…. well now I have the DaVinci Ascent to compare the Haze V3 Vaporizer to! Check out the vapor and see what you like better! #vapeon [More]
This is not a review it’s a session with the iq with some chat about Davinci and the product
Portable 510 Dab Rig! Need I say more?! In fact, I do and I will. The new Icon From KandyPens is a portable 510 threaded dab rig that has water percolation, comes with 3 nails [More]
Love my KandyPens. I do own them, and these are my honest opinion and Review about them. Some people have commented about the music being a little loud, i would like to apologize, but even [More]