Review of Yocan Box Mod the Flick. Perfect for vaping wax, concentrates, shatter, and CBD crystalline products. Buy this unit from Yocan today! Purchase the KALM CBD from FreeofTHC at the following link. [More]
Here I review the DaVinci Ascent dry herb vaporizer and talk about how to use the temperature controlled cycles to get the full effect out of the vape.
Ascent by DaVinci ( is the very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. Its vapor pathway is constructed entirely of glass. From the glass-lined ceramic heating chamber to the mouthpiece, all you’ll find is glass in the [More] 2010 Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Herbal Vaporizer + 2pc Aerospaced Brand Grinder!The NEW 2010 Extreme Q 4.0 Digital Vaporizer from Arizer is a multipurpose device that can be used as a steamer, vaporizer, potpourri [More]
Uyinokkam – Sounds of Isha – Tamil Version – Listen the Sound Deeply What is UyirNokkam? Uyir Nokkam is a simple yet powerful yogic practice designed by Sadhguru to make our body, mind, emotions, energies, [More]
Here we use 2 packets of Vapor Pebbles to convert an Arizer Extreme Q* herb vaporizer into a wax/oil/tincture/liquid vaporizer. Vapor Pebbles are 100% recycled borosilicate glass. They can be cleaned by rinsing in alcohol [More]
The Pulsar APX is a versatile vaporizer that gives you the ability to vape both dry herb and wax concentrates(I prefer herb for this unit) with ease. With just 4 inches tall and inexpensive price [More] The Lightbulb Vaporizer has been a long standing friend to medical marijuana patients around the world! With a few common household items you can have your own home made vaporizer that actually works great! [More]
Yocan Evolve 2.0 Unboxing And Review Best New Device For Concentrates And E-Juice
Check out the 3 major benefits you get from using a vaporizer to consume your herb rather then smoking it.