AirVape X Video Review and Comparison to AirVape Xs

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Hi guys!

Today I was doing an unboxing Apollo’s newest model, the AirVape X

First thougths:
It is really nice, love this magnetic mouthpiece, discreet and even smoother design than the Xs.

A bit of a larger ceramic chamber than the AirVape Xs (25%)

Very nice upgrades on the mouthpiece, because it has higher class of materials. The mouthpiece is ceramic and the airflow box as well.

I like how they upgraded the mouthpiece to a magnetic structure. Huge step from AirVape Xs.

The battery lasts about 7-8 sessions, which is more than enough for 2 days for a heavy smoker.

I would prefer something like this that is much more portable than a huge vaporizer.

We are used to charging our phones everyday anyway, I would rather take the portability.

Includes Wax Pad Insert, a great addition as well!

Also comes with the USB charging cable, cleaning and packing tools, filter screens, user manual and warranty card.

Jojo says:

Zieh dich aus, das Thumbnail hat mehr versprochen 😛

Lisa Veal says:

Looks awesome! Gotta X on the way. I know it's gonna be great!

Rachel Alexander says:

AirVape has made my life easier, I love their products but my favorite is the AirVape X because of the new upgrades to the mouthpiece. And I can vaporize dry herbs and waxy oils concentrates, very convenient that the kit now includes the wax pad insert. AirVape has the best vapes on the market. I'm in love with my vape!

Jack Rutherford says:

fuck i just bought the xs

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