Arizer Solo 2 Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

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We’re reviewing the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer and showing you how to use & clean it 🛒 here:
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The Arizer Solo 2 is the updated version of the Solo. They’ve improved almost every part of this vaporizer and Arizer has made an incredible product.

In this review video we go over the pros of the Arizer Solo 2 which include that it has: good airflow, all glass vapor path, no stirring required, easy to clean, amazing battery life, pass-through charging, great display and good warranty.

We also go over a few of the cons which are: you can get herb in your mouth, only AC charging, no portable battery and the glass is breakable.

We also show you exactly how the Solo 2 vaporizer works and how to clean the Solo 2 vaporizer.

It’s one of my favorite vaporizers and I think it’s definitely worth trying. It produces amazing vapor with an all glass vapor path at a reasonable pricepoint.

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Pros/cons 3:27
How to use the Solo 2 9:34
How to clean the Solo 2 12:06

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