Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

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I do think anyone who purchases a SOLO will not regret it. The SOLO is truly an outstanding performer. The SOLO has pretty much any accessory you could want available. I always recommend getting a silicone O-ring for under the cap that will keep the stem super secure, it usually gets a lot of use….. from me any way.

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venom hulk says:

thanks dude

bonez269 269 says:

besides the sizes and temperatures how is this different from the air.

Naisthehaze says:

100% with you. I love my solo. All the other vapes i maybe use once per month. It's good to have a pass-through charger and screens in the herb chambers. I got a crafty a month ago and still prefer the solo.

bRad Nichols says:

A L L. D A Y ! ! ! About His best medicine !

ALL DAY ! ! ! Props to my state for legalizing !

Vape Dr. says:

Thank you my friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Look for my other reviews!

Xavier Monarrez says:

amazing review and information dude! you should get more views. keep doin what you doin

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