Video sobre: VAPORIZANDO EN AIRVAPE XS GO *Diferentes Temperaturas* Acompañenme a probar éste vaporizador herbal de última generación… Rocket multifunctional keychain is special design by Airvapeusa.It is the perfect accessory for almost all of the vaporizers out there because the rocket is also a grinder with funnel technology. For more info visit [More]
We listened to your feedback about AirVape Legacy, here’s what we learned and improved. What did people say about the Legacy? We heard from many vapers who enjoyed the quick heating and intensity, and also [More]
so this is one of those vapes that u will either love or hate. couple minor things that could be improved but all in all pretty cool unique vaporizer. battery life I didnt speak about [More] #airvaping #thinnestvaporizer #pocketfit #bestportablevape AirVape X is one of the World’s leading vape models, that is made from the highest grade materials, equipped with state-of-the-art super-fast heating technology and its quality is [More]
Code Budznbeardz will save you 20% at This is my AirVape Legacy Review. This is the best vaporizer I have used yet! It is made of hemp, has wireless charging, a removable battery and [More]
Another Reveal & Review from The Cannabis Sessions – This time we’re checking out AirVape’s Legacy dry vape unit and here’s one of many reasons why you will want this in your collection of vapes [More]
Look for a more in depth Air Vape Legacy and Air Vape OM Video coming to you soon! Thanks to Apollo Design & Tech for the Air Vape Legacy it is my second ever portal [More]