This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made. Support me on Patreon: I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Vape Carts using just terpenes. [More]
YOCAN X POD SYSTEM DAB PEN VAPORIZER REVIEW! I am hitting the wax pen at 5:40 showing you how the Yocan X functions! In this video I review the newest portable wax vape pen [More]
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This week I took a look at some concentrate liquidiser by Farm To Vape. This fully legal product (zero nicotine, zero cannabinoids) allows people to make E-Juice by thinning extracts to the correct viscosity for [More]
The Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit by Wulf Mods combines power and discretion in perfect harmony. Ergonomically designed, this vape pen is perfect for on the go fitting comfortably in the hand or pocket. [More]
Linx Vapor sent over the Linx Blaze Onyx & their new Linx Budder Cups for me to do a vaporizer review on. I’ve been putting the Linx Blaze through the ringer over the past 2 [More]
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What’s up guys! Thanks for watching! Again I love all the support and veiws. Let me know if your liking them! More to come! Check out my last video reviewing KINGS KUSH and STAWBERRY NORTHERN [More]
Puffing distillate in the mighty dry herb vaporizer with the concentrate pad