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18+ older. The challenge is to vaporize as much of 1 gram of oil as possible. Harry joins me to make this more interesting! This is his biggest dab ever! “feels like I’m getting higher [More]
Smokin’ the Finest Herb and Unboxing Epic Loot! Here at Herb N’ Loot we will smoke some of the world’s finest grown cannabis and unbox some of the most epic cannabis related loot we can [More]
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18+older. We have my neighbor Joe over here and he wants to train for the one gram dab challenge.. We are going to film his training sessions to see his progression. Joe has been dabbing [More]
drunk out of his mind, he put up a challenge. & having never done it before, he doesn’t know you DON’T ever touch a rig nail
Thanks to the heroes of YouTube (or bots), our dab fail series has been deemed “not suitable for advertising”. This is NOT the end of the dab fail series. Instead we are taking it as [More]