Get to know the iPhone of Vape Pens! The PAX 3 is one of Goldie’s Favorite vaporizing devices. It’s versatility and simplicity make it perfect for discrete consumption for everyone! PAX 3s are available at [More]
What’s up Kronic Krew! I’m back with the first ever Product Review! This awesome product is the Pax 3 by PaxVapor! This isn’t a sponsored video, I actually spent the money on this and wanted [More]
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Comment utiliser le PAX 3 de Pax Labs, un des vaporisateurs les plus populaires! Pour plus de détails, tel que comment charger l’appareil, veuillez vous référer à ce vidéo:
Marisa from Maitri gives a step by step tutorial on how to use the Pax 3 vaporizer for consuming cannabis flower. Video by Matt Dayak.
TWO PAX 3 Warranty Failures In 1 Yr, Pax Customer Support… What I Went Through!
Visit for any customer service needs.
PAX Labs debuts new color collection for award winning PAX 3 cannabis vaporizer.