Heyo! Welcome to my PAX 3 Herbal Vaporizer Review! We take a look at the quality of the newest PAX vape and I let you know if its worth the buy or not! Please like [More]
Les dejamos el video Comparativo del ARGO VS PAX 3!! (Musica criss source – hugs n kisses ) Espero que les guste, si quieren mas no duden en decirnos que otro video les gustaría que [More]
This Jack Cake strain was super sweet, piney, and had that earthy spicyness known to be with Wedding Cake crosses. The high was energizing, gave me focus, and also took away anxiety. Big shoutout to [More]
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Get to know the iPhone of Vape Pens! The PAX 3 is one of Goldie’s Favorite vaporizing devices. It’s versatility and simplicity make it perfect for discrete consumption for everyone! PAX 3s are available at [More]
What’s up Kronic Krew! I’m back with the first ever Product Review! This awesome product is the Pax 3 by PaxVapor! This isn’t a sponsored video, I actually spent the money on this and wanted [More]
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Comment utiliser le PAX 3 de Pax Labs, un des vaporisateurs les plus populaires! Pour plus de détails, tel que comment charger l’appareil, veuillez vous référer à ce vidéo: https://youtu.be/ilbDs2ypvow
Marisa from Maitri gives a step by step tutorial on how to use the Pax 3 vaporizer for consuming cannabis flower. Video by Matt Dayak.
TWO PAX 3 Warranty Failures In 1 Yr, Pax Customer Support… What I Went Through!