Crafty vs. PAX Vaporizer Comparison

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Max from Australian Vaporizers compares the Crafty and the Pax vaporizer. When comparing vaporizers, we take into account the most important aspects from vapour quality, battery life and operation, to maintenance and overall build quality.

If you’re struggling to choose a portable vaporizer, this in-depth side by side comparison of the Pax and Crafty will help you decide. How do these two premier portable vaporizers stand up to each other when compared?

The Pax vaporizer has long been a popular choice for those looking for a discreet portable vaporizer that’s small enough to take anywhere. The Pax features an anodised aluminium shell, colourful LED indicators and a spring-loaded mouthpiece mechanism which is also used to turn the Pax on and off. From its sleek design and intuitive operation, it’s easy to see how the Pax vaporizer has built such a reputation.

The Crafty, a new device from industry leaders Storz & Bickel, is small and has unparalleled vapour performance when compared to many other portables on the market. From the creators of the famous Volcano vaporizer, the Crafty is an impressive machine that blows most competitors out of the water. With exceptional vapour quality, efficient design and durable materials, the Crafty is a worthy new contender for the title of “top portable.”

Which one is ultimately a better vape? Watch our comparison to find out.

James Jones says:

No contest pax is shit mighty is prob my all time fave they are bloody good units no way Will pax be the one to top them lol even if they make them to v100

donnie brasco says:

my solo blows these two away

cherry b1ossom says:

Have heard many people having issues with defective Crafty units, some are on their 6th unit and there's quite a few Youtubers explaining this. Vape quality sounds great but are we getting a lasting product i wonder? Also the warranty is different with both of these brands.

Oxygorjia X says:

You should offer discount codes for those who watch them

ehlokeay says:

Thanks for this review, really appreciated. Have you tried PAX2 as well? How does it perform versus Crafty? Thanks mate!

Vic Vinegar says:

The pax is actually very easy to clean/lube. The whole process takes 3-4 minutes. It just has to b done regularly or it will run into some issues

Tuco Pacifico says:

I have a Pax and I agree it is a major hassle to clean, and it's hard to get a decent hit so I never use it anymore.

Wak says:

just like the crafty has a spacer other people make spacers and other vents/screens for the pax to keep it cooler and produce better vapor

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Crafty is awesome, only vape i use right now. The original Pax sucked, way too many issues. The pax2 however looks awesome 🙂 my next purchase I reckon.

Kortik says:

Also pax when it gets dirty will not charge on the dock you have to wiggle it to get it to charge and sometimes even that doesn't work.

895 2341 says:

couldnt decide between the two until i saw 1:451:50 pretty much sold me at that point

M Robledo says:

I wish you made a comparison on the odor smell each gives. I'm really interested which is more discreet when outside or when being near people.

William971 says:

really sucks if your phone is not compatible with app, i have a samsung note, i would think all android would be able to run it but im not a tech guy either do you know whats up with that AV?

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