DaVinci IQ Accessories – The Flavor Chamber

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www.davincivaporizer.com – Need an additional flavor chamber for your DaVinci IQ vaporizer? We got you covered. Click now to watch video.

Our flavor chamber is made of 100% zirconia ceramic which has the same pure flavor as glass but 20x times stronger.

Fill it up with your favorite loose leaf material for storage and added flavor while you vape.

Make sure you pick up an additional flavor chamber so that you can swap them out between cleaning.

Get all the accessories you need for your DaVinci IQ to have the ultimate vaping experience!


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Edson Montenegro says:

Can I use e-liquids in this?

JR Perkins says:

Can i put essential oils into this flavor chamber? If so, how?

BJM Mario Bajardi says:

can you use toghetr chamber?

TheGrandGamers says:

That's the worst weed i've seen in my entire life

kyle thornhill jr says:

I lost my flavor chamber, will the vaporizer work without it

AnguzBeef says:

I've only smoke 4 bowls from my IQ and the favor chamber is sticking inside the unit and won't come out

adrian kraszewski says:

hi DaVinci. just cracked my flavor chamber and in need of buying one.where to get them?could't see any at your site.help pls

Don Mox says:

At this price, an INCLUDED additional chamber would have been nice. Would buy another for my girlfriend if it was ever on sale. Sigh

Alex NC says:

Any plans for smaller chambers? Would be nice for the weekdays ?

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