DaVinci Vaporizer – Screens Overview

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The screen replacement set comes with 3 Large screens for the bottom chamber and 6 small screens for the upper chamber. The screens can be easily removed and replaced with new ones or cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and reused.


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samprog says:

Hey DaVinci! I got myself the Ascent and noticed that there were screens as well. My question is, what are these screens for? It seems like you can vape without these screens, they don't even fit in the chamber.

Healthy Happy Hero says:

Hey DaVinci!  It would be great if you guys could make a video explaining how to properly insert the screen into the upper portion of the ascent. I see you used an original DaVinci as an example in this video so are the screens for the original only? The larger screens seem too big and the small ones just fall out as they are too small. Thanks!

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