Excellent Value! : Jabees Firefly 2 True Wireless

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Spencer Priest says:

A Huge turnoff for me is that the Jabees site offers free shipping for these earbuds, however when you click the link in the description or when you apply the 30OFFGAMESKY code, it takes off $20 but also removes the free shipping option. So you ultimately only save $10 and it seems like a very sneaky thing for them to do. I'd much rather they just offer a code for $10 off and keep the shipping free – this way feels more dishonest and seems they are trying to sneak something past the consumer.

Dave Haveoneofthose says:

I wish these were available on Amazon. Their money back policy requires you to pay the return shipping to China, if unsatisfied in any way. That's $50 from Canada.

_DSLAC says:

If this worked with two devices I'd be one this. I need a pair for work. I can't find anything on the site that says it does or doesn't.

Dillan Graham says:

What are these like compared to the Sabbat E12 Ultra or Earfun Free?

Michael Jin says:

@Keith. Overall do you think these would be in your top 10 budget friendly? Is there anything else you suggest to check out first before buying?

Braeden Rock says:

What do you think the best earbuds under 50 dollars would be?

Ronaldo Vedoveli says:

Hi Gamesky. I asked Jabees about the supported bluetooth codecs. Thats their answer: "Jabees Customer Care/Amjanette <support@jabees.com>
Firefly supports AAC, but not aptX." Thanks fr your great reviews.

Tine Tannies says:

Gamesky, can you address a few key points you left out?
1) How good is the sound isolation on these?
2) Can either bud be connected without the other?
3) How is the latency?


Taieb Khouni says:

Hey bro thank you very much for your honest work, appreciate it and already subscribed. I have a question though that I didn't see in any of the reviews around youtube. I have some low budget earphones (40-50$) and I always end up after some time of use (one year) with a case that doesn't hold battery anymore. I mean with my old Mpow T6 for example, the case allows me to charge my earbuds once, before it runs out of juice. My question is, between Fiil T1x and Bomaker Sifi, is the battery on the case and the ones on the earbuds still hold the same time or is there a big difference now comparing to them new? Because I feel many of those chinese manufacturer use bad quality batteries with a very short lifespan. Thank you man and sorry for my bad english

Average Joe says:

When I try to use the code GAMESKY it doesn't work :-/

JackBlackfan420 says:

Can they be used individually?

Anurag Ramola says:

Hi sir how are you I I have been watching your video since 1 year this time I want to buy this habeas 2 earbuds will this be deliver to India

Sanket Desai says:

Do these have better bass and sound than the mpow X3 ?

Alex singh says:

No aptx or aac no thanks

7BOOD_ RBK says:

Which one is the best in the sound, jabees or decebel 20

7BOOD_ RBK says:

We want Top 5 and 10 videos please. You are the best

Sophon Somlor says:

Thank you for the review!
These earbuds seem too good to be true for the price!
I am wondering about the quality of the ambient mode. Can you tell me more about that, please?

Zainal Jamil says:

It seems you always skimp through ambient mode. I sincerely hope that you could give a rundown of how the ambient mode sounds whenever it's available. There are a number of people including myself who finds ambient mode useful.

Tran quoc thanh says:

Thank you very much for the review. I ordered it!

Hong Rong Ng says:

I think they have a newer version called the Firefly 2 Touch that uses tap controls alongside actual buttons.

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