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TVape shows you the how to, maintenance & gives our review of the Firefly 2 Plus!

If you wanna pick up the Firefly 2 Plus:

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Flyboy_510 says:

Fire fly 2+ and they still haven’t fixed the stirring issues…I’ll pass on this one

TOSEBONBA Miles says:

I felt the exact same way about the Firefly. The learning curve was brutal!! Great video alex you make learning about vapes fun!

KeyMedia Comms says:

I really appreciate the detail he goes into on this video! Thanks for the info!

Patrick Martiniuk says:

Can I get this at the Apple store?

rocker4life77 says:

Seems like its more of a product relaunch than a new product. They still haven't fixed the stirring issue.

Zoo5York says:

Great vid! Mans bout to get firefly'd

Denkomogoto says:

Firefly 2+? Wild man. Much expense.

User One says:

I think it is exactly the same as the firefly 2. They just changed the LED hole if I am not mistaking. I really wonder if the vapor is noticeably different in a blind test. what do would you say Alex?

Victoria Martinova says:

Has anyone else tried to inhale a Wendy's frosty through a straw? ?

Hov V says:

Doesn't seem like much has changed but good on them for trying! The FF2 with concentrates is quite tasty but I don't see myself upgrading to the plus any time soon (read: ever). Great video as usual.

Batrick G says:

Can one huck that thing through a bong ?

nariminator says:

Plastiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic! That's how you finish off convection vapor after it moves through a mirror-polished stainless steel part! you give it the nice last touch and taste of plastic! Great unit though but i never dug the weird position for the buttons and how you got to hold it while vaping.

Nima Keramati says:

Seems like both Pax and Firefly really want to be Apple ? i wonder when the apple of this and apple of that hype is going to wear off.

Tools420 says:

Fantastic review Alex!!

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