Flavor Friday w/Tanner – Ep.1 – "Mojito" IQ2 Flavor Chamber Cocktail

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Tanner shows you how to get creative with your DAVINCI IQ2 consumption. Let’s create a “Mojito” Flavor Chamber Cocktail.


DeltaForce Reviews says:

I am requesting my shipping money back!!! You can’t even see if you drafted my money and expect me provide you a screenshot of the transaction with my bank??? While you hold onto the product which I paid for for the item in full 300! and paid 2-Day shipping 25$ ! It’s been 3 days because your company cannot verify wether or not you charged a customer and drafted their funds?!?

Igor Kolpak says:


nostromo says:

that looks amazeballs, I just got my IQ 2 (first vaporizer ever) and I didnt even know stuff like this is possible, that adds a whole new layer to it

Alberto Funk says:

I want to try some kind of cocoa or chocolaty flavor! impatiently waiting for my iq2 to arrive

Kyle Anderson says:

Is the IQ2 the only one that has this chamber ?

Marcio Noronha says:

Hi! Im from brazil. Have one davinci IQ, some weeks ago, my vaporizer started to shut down with about 75% battery. it started to happen after i went about 2 weeks without turning it on. When I charge it, it appears that the battery is almost full, but it turns off soon. I thought it could be the battery, I bought a new one. however, this new one is also shutting down super fast just like the old batteries. help me please.

Raphael Lemieux says:

You should try with a coffee bean and a piece of vanilla too !

Raphael Lemieux says:

Can't wait to have my IQ2 !

Shea Egan says:

Piña Colada, don’t have a recipe but sounds like an interesting weed cocktail

Carleigh Limbach says:

Oh hell yes

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