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Close – Learn how to charge your DaVinci IQ in this video. Click to watch now.

To charge your DaVinci IQ, simply connect the charging cable to your computer or USB wall adapter. On the back of your IQ, there is a micro USB charging port where you can connect to the device.

The DaVinci IQ can be used while charging. Once you have connected your vaporizer, watch the battery level on the front display. When the battery level has fill, your device has been charged. You can remove the charging cable and you’re ready to vape.

For more information about your DaVinci IQ, go to or contact Support for live help.


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jbzone100 says:

I tried to use it while charging it turned om the temp started rising then it whent straight back the the charging screen ;( so i dont think you can use it while charging

AgentXRifle says:

Just bought one brand new today, have had it charging for 2+ hours already but as soon as I try to turn it on, it shows the battery only having 1 bar of life and then it shuts off.

Provocation4 says:

Wtf I only get a usb but no wall adapter. I have phone wall adapter but don't know if safe. On the davincy site you guys warn for exploding vapes and say don't plug in a laptop. So how do I charge now?

Luke Hadley says:

Mine will not charge this is two devices in less than 12 hours one didn't turn on and this one won't charge I should have bought a pax3

KR EEP says:

It took me way longer that it should to find the usb port.

Jelton Inc. says:

Does the battery light quit blinking when the thing is completely charged?

The Pebble Tribe says:

Hey, my DaVinci is acting kind of strange. It won't charge even though it says it's charging. It's been plugged in for a few hours now and it still won't turn on. What do you recommend I do to remedy the problem? Does it just need a new battery?

lucas COCO says:

just got my IQ used it and had so much fun with it. Then I left it to charge all night. the battery said it was full but when I unplugged the IQ it said the battery was empty… after a whole night of charging. Is this product faulty or is this just how the IQ works, it doesn't charge well and it tells you the wrong battery charge when plugged in?

Lukäse k. says:

how long does it take to reach 100%

Matias Pittaluga says:

Can i use the iPhone or iPad wall charger ?

Allison Westbrook says:

Can the device be used while charging?

me 1234 says:

1 amp or 1.5 amp usb ports? Or does it matter

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