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Close – Learn how to check your DaVinci IQ’s battery at any time. Click to watch now.

To know the battery life of your DaVinci IQ at any time, simply press both the up and down buttons. The IQ will display the battery for a few seconds.

The IQ will also automatically display battery level when powered on and when the device has low battery.

For more information about your DaVinci IQ, go to or contact Support for live help.


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Not RC Masked Master says:

Mine won’t turn on or charge. Can you help?

BMDecipher says:

Is the device supposed to have all five LED's lit when fully charged or is the blinking supposed to stop when its fully charged?

Luke Hadley says:

The first one I bought wouldn't turn on so I exchanged it the new one will not hold a charge I only used it twice and one time the only way I could shut it off was to remove the battery and now it won't let me me manually change the heat I must use the app or it only stays on path I've been watching alot of tutorials so I know its not me but the device obviously the charging isn't user error

sundram vadivel says:

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Justin Janney says:

my battery indicator is way off when i turn on the device it says im at 3/4 battery but then will shut off right away because my battery is dead this thing is literally 18 hours old -.- will it change if i get a new battery or is the device faulty ?

trulukkyphrank says:

Can you help me? My battery indicator isn't very precise, is there a way to recalibrate the system? The device performs very well

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