How to Factory reset Pax3

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Turn PAX 3 on.
Long press power button to enter temperature setting mode.
Hold PAX “long ways” (oven in right hand, mouthpiece in left hand).
Rotate the PAX away from you 10 times. once White LED blinks you are good to go.

Nate Andrew says:

Why would one need to do this?

julio gonzalez says:

BLUE LIGHT BLINKING 50% BROKEN .. Pax replace OK.. With covid19 we have to wait… Just contact to Pax… U can Still vaping.. On… Off…. On… Off… Heat…. Off… On. Heat more… Vaping… And sone times works 2 minutes vaping vaping. Wwwoooowwww off… Fuck…. On. Like this now is my situation out home..

Aitch says:

My Pax3 turns itself off before it even heats up.
This is my 3rd Pax, I've not managed to make one last longer than a year. šŸ™

GaĆ«lle MogwaĆÆ says:

Hi ! My brand new Pax 3 won't connect with my phone cause it doesn't stay on when i put it on. Its battery is full, everything should work. Tried to contact the help support but they didn't reply yet. I'm trying my luck here ! Is there any way to reset it without being able to go further than the 4 white leds ? Cause my Pax 3 can't get any further…

julio gonzalez says:

Hi good evening… Mine I turn on. A few seconds after pax3 shows a blue light

Ryan Fiore says:

Works, thanks

Grant says:

thank you for INFO

Patrick Mooney says:

all 4 lights turn red on mine instead of the top two turning yellow…

Sprung Jitsu says:

Thankyou too

Andres Diaz says:

I cant do šŸ™

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