How to Swap Your DaVinci IQ Mouthpieces –

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Close – Learn how to swap your DaVinci IQ mouthpieces in this video. Click to watch now!

To swap mouthpieces, simply open up the top lid of your DaVinci IQ. Push the mouthpiece in to detach. Remove the gasket and replace the gasket onto the new mouthpiece. Reinstall on the top lid of the IQ and you’re ready to vape.

For more information about your DaVinci IQ, go to or contact Support for live help.


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Lee McLellan says:

Same as below shite product

mtb_d4n says:

Not very happy for the massive price I paid for the IQ the top and bottom lids do not stay shut. The top pops off because of the heat expanding the O ring in the bottom of the flavor chamber, and the oven door barely stays shut due to the adhesive melting, causing the chrome piece to come off… the magnet almost dropped out. The micro doesn't have these issues, but the bowl is so small. Please test your products before release.

Ash A says:

Hi, are all you mouthpieces identical? As I ordered a replacement mouthpiece adapter it’s bit taller than my original , so wondering if it’s a fake

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