Kandypens OURA Review – THE TRUTH

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Kandypens Oura is available here for $280

Gerry Patch says:

That was awesome! lol Thanks man, keep it up!

Alphaitalian says:

This is completely unrelated, but since you are a weber grill guy just like me, do you think you'll ever do any grilling videos??

Dee Negron says:

please add the ROK to your comparison video, thanks

Jeraimee says:

LOL @ the torch! ?

Joe Brissette says:

Great video! I have a question about these type of rigs, how hot does it get around the area where the silicone meets the bowl assembly? There is a little hole there in the silicone I think, does it ever seem like it might get too hot which may cause the off taste? Anyways, thanks for all you are doing.

nibrok18 says:

Cant wait for the next one! Keep it up!

Patrick Dyer says:

You may just be my spirit animal

Drew Andrews says:

Ive had my Oura for 5 grams, coming from the Carta. LOL you looked hilarious just as i feel i do, going thru the temps and everything. I wish the blue didnt taste like tires.

So on the next video, imo the Carta hits and produces clouds the other 2 cant even get close to (setting 3). But the taste at the low end on the Oura along with the high heat taste of tires on the top end finishes #2 and the Puffco is alright, but not as good as the Carta when the Carta is hella cheaper and the Puffco isnt the Oura so #3 for you Puffco!!! And YES obvious a torch rig is going to win in most categories but it's not a portable that you can walk the street with and easily dab with. k enjoy your day to ya! Cheers. Semper Fi

Phill Shipard says:

Work! I’d be definitely interested in ya “job “, I already have? Just no camera!!! lol. Keep it up, ya my favorite! More mod accessories please, loving the wave temperatures over the ten seconds of drawing!! Control of temperatures etc, keep up the good “work “ LoL. Find something u love and you never have to do a days work in ya life

Haywood Jablome says:

uppin the yt game, i see…

GLO UP says:

Hey troy what vape should i get that is good for concentrate and herb but mostly herb im looking to use it while out on vacation in vegas and also i have a budget of around $600 thank you i have a couple on my mind but not sure what to get im open to option but right now im thinking of the mighty, or the pax3 or the firefly2+ but please lmk if there other options rn that would be better

Ray Losoya says:

How do become a tester or test subject?

dr octagon says:

cant wait to see the showdown between all of em..

dom says:

It's like watching the three stooges ??

MNDFND says:

I do want to try one of these. But I wonder other than it being all in one is it any better than say Sai atty with a rig ?

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