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Senior Stoner Studio

Joseph Rosario says:

Thanks for the info my good sir!

Will Leaf says:

Great video! I use my focus V Carter on the lowest power setting but use the app to slightly change the temperature.. I still get clouds,no cough. My lungs are bad also.

Jordan Tauber says:

Sr. Very good product comparison. I too have all the devises you have and I concur with your e rig comparison. This coming Monday Carta Focus will be unavailing their new e rig which I am sure you already heard about. I have been testing out my new makeover RIO which I have been enjoying tremendously so much I ordered a second one in a different color. Sr. what's the deal with your lungs did you damage them ? JT from AZ.

Cheryl Phelan says:

Great thorough reviews as always:)

Code Stuff says:

I have a regular Carta. Its easy to clean and makes alot of vapor. Has 4 settings #2 is best. Never tried a puffco or aura, but I know the carta works great.

Jenn Kaden says:

Where do you live? You need an old lady sidekick! 😊

Titanium Stoner2020 says:

Yes yes! !!!!! SMOKEWARS2020

Patrick Neville says:

Clogging is why I'm a huge fan of dr.dabber switch the induction tech cant be matched and for only a few inches larger in size my opinion $ is on dabber switch got to use the sic cup only on crystal mode

solutionxero says:

which would you recommend of these 2? i got a kandypen crystal after watching you use it. it seems to get incredibly hot at the mouthpiece tho so ive barely tried it. it makes me question if i should get an electronic rig for dabs like these or stick to my torch and nail. thanks

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