LVSmoke Beast Marijuana Vaporizer Unboxing, Usage & Review: Blazin’ Gear Reviews

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Today we unbox, use and review the LVSmoke Beast Dry Herb Vaporizer on Blazin’ Gear Reviews.
Learn more about the LVSmoke BEAST here:

The LVSmoke Beast vaporizer is a good entry level dry herb vaporizer with a bottom loading stainless steel oven. It features 8 power settings accessible with an innovative finger slide touch sensor. It offers pure flavor and flawlessly even toasting of your cannabis with no combustion. However the puffs are underwhelming to nonexistent, despite the strong high and flavor likely due to the dual air paths of the mouthpiece which allows fresh air to mingle with the vapor as it enters your mouth, diffusing the vapor cloud.

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MrP2001 says:

is a conduction or convection vape?

TheNutSock says:

I'm waiting on my vape to be delivered so I'm just binge watching vape reviews to get myself hyped

daily reacts & interviews says:

ceramic chambers are the best if ur looking for better taste..these stainless steel chambers start tasting like a dirty metal pipe after a while

2 Brains says:

small puffs = I won't purchase

Emmanuel Hernández says:

better than g elite pro?

Sabata says:

Hey Matt, first off, great video there.
Up to 3:43 there's a cool song that I would like to know the title off, but they're not indicated in the description. How could I possibly get that title?
Thanks in advance, and keep up the good vids.

Ricky Flow says:

subscribe to my channel for weed related??

Rational Bushcraft says:

Looks like an over sized pax. I can imagine liking any vap better than my pax.

Alex Pletcher says:

many attributes of the pax… almost exact design copy on the mouthpiece and oven/lid

James T43 says:

liked the video.very professional but didn't like the product..

Mike says:

Great review. While I won't be replacing my Pax 2 anytime soon, this seems like a nice option and another pretty decent vaporizer.

Hubs88 says:

Yawn, I would be down with this vape if it had a glass mp, replaceable battery, and vibrates when ready. I'll keep looking for my perfect vape.

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