Make Your Own Vape Carts! Marijuana E liquid Tutorial: Make Cartridges from Wax!

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Learn how to turn your concentrates into a safe, high quality, vapable E liquid that tastes better than anything you can find in a dispensary! This is the 1st part of a muti part series that will cover liquefying various extracts for use in vape cartridges, this episode focuses on BHO.

You can purchase the KIT I use here:



This video is for educational purposes only.

trillary says:

what would be the negative consequences of not waiting days to stabilize the first shatter with all the lipids?

Ameer Kahok says:

Great video and very helpful. Is there a way I can message you and ask you a few more specifics?

Mudit Bhanot says:

Bought the kit yeah loved it

Moo says:


Josuediaz127 says:

Can you mix this with nicotine

Wild Otter says:

What’s the purpose of this, if I can buy this from a dispensary I can also buy a co2 cartridge ready to go !??

Nikola Gjorgjevski says:

Your vids are amazing 😉

Ricardo says:

this made me want to make my own carts. The dispos here in chicago don’t really have a lot of selection for good concentrates though so i’m stuck with prefilled carts that cost $85 each 😕

riley says:

Just got your terp liquify ! Thanks for making this video! Do you have to wait a few days before the product is ready to put in a cartridge?

Andre Sfeir says:

Should we wait 2-3 days to use these carts or nah

Andre says:

How do I check the consistency when using a different glass container for the wax

GasmaskTWO says:

lol bro i died laughing when he said “maybe you’re too high to switch to another video” cuz the whole time my high ass just staring at the screen

Eugene Duprey says:

This was definitely full of info and something I'll try on my own. Yes and I definitely hit that like and subscribe button . Awesome job on breaking everything down from beginning to end. Thank you.

anthony sanchez says:

Don’t you gota prime it so You get a bubble

anthony sanchez says:

Isn’t thick oil better so it last longer?so it’s not water like?

Teo Al says:

Duuuuuuuude, this is so much work! I could easily pay someone to make this for me. Maybe someone who has the right tools (like the $1k presser you mentioned) and can do this in bulk so they can sell.

Saucin Suon says:

Video for co2?

Guwapp_Moe says:

Carts like dat be havin sum fake shyt in it. dats y yu coffing like dat. try a TKO or honeycomb

Morgan Jenkins says:

could you use rosin?

Carlos Soto says:

Hi mate, what my material comes from a hot press? Does it still need to decarboxilate on the oven?

Slapjacks says:

The battery in this kit is awesome!

Edit: do you have to wait a couple days for the vials to settle? Or can u do it all in same day?

ProsPlayFps says:

We dont have dabs where ii live, is this possible with the hairstraightener method for making dabs ? and then doing this to make a weed vape

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