Marijuana Product Review: Pax Personal Portable Vaporizer Pen by Ploom

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Pax Vaporizer Pen Review for Marijuana use by Matt. How to Vape Cannabis in Ploom’s Dry Herb Pen from grinding to packing to vaping the weed a step by step tutorial, feature overview and pros and cons.

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kareem mckelvey says:

Childish gambino swears by this product. Ill buy it. I want to stop with the smoke and price is ok with me

B H says:

Make up your mind. Call it marijuana or cannabis. Personally i hate the name marijuana.

Mark Jon Davies says:

i am gonna get a pax 3 and a Vulcano Vapo, much better for your health and mindset to not be worrying anymore whilst hitting the reefer 🙂

Xavier LaFlamme says:

Word of advice , let chamber heat up before filling herb .

Julien B says:

The bong on the shelf disappeard

Archie Bunker says:

And so the dumbing down of America continues. Fucking pot heads! I can't believe States are legalizing this shit. Driving while on a pot high or texting should result in a year-long suspension of your driver's license.

Joe floyd says:

Just know there's someone in the world smoking reggies out of that.

annie ann says:

I love it
easy as 123

skank hunt42 says:

i love smoking pencil shavings has a rich wood smoked taste to it


I love my PAX. I've had the same version as in the video for a number of years. In my opinion, It is well worth the money. I had a problem with it about six months ago after years of owning it, the company replaced it without any hassles.. No lighters!!! No smoke!!! Although it has been a psychological adjustment because I'm use to NOT seeing smoke. All my previous devices put out a lot of smoke. With my PAX, I know when I see smoke it is time to replace the contents. I wished he had discussed more about cleaning and replacing the screen. However, I did learn from the video that I must grind my contents, which I wasn't doing.

AsRmNinemilli9 says:

I just got this and one of the cons is that it burn your lips

samuraineko3 says:

This should be called i-kush

xlifewritex says:

How do you know when the weed is used up in the device? i.e how do you know how many hits you can get off it? I would hate to be hitting and hitting and its all gone lol Secondly can you use whats left over in the bong?

Michael Smith says:

That's not vaporizing, you are smoking the weed.

Ethan wood says:

Can anyone tell me if this is odourless?

Master of Sales says:

Best $200 impulse buy; ever!

Jay Kelly says:

supposed to pack it firm

Mykl Jahn says:

Extremely helpful. Thank You

patone1000 says:

That second hit got him lol

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thanks, buddy. That was a thorough go-through, and I learned a lot. Very professional-looking video.

Ocean Water says:

this device is a beast! the mouthpiece can be cleaned using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove lint & resin

Brandon Wiebe says:

He was using the lowest setting. Would there be a lot more smoke if he used the highest setting?

Daniel Gonzalez says:

I just found out about these and holy fuck do i need one, i can just pack it and take it whever, no lighters or anything

Jurgiel Dętka says:

song name please !!!

Decentralized6708 says:

This product is amazing. I've been getting high in the school bathroom and since there's no smoke its so easy to hide.

Griselle Aguiar says:

Few questions.

1. Do you have to fill the entire oven or could it work halfway filled?

2. I know he said you can just put it down but can you just turn it off and turn it back on whenever you want and continue with what you have?

3. How the hell do you know when what you've packed is done???

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