Medical Marijuana Demo: Watch how it works using a vape pen

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Brian Wieder demonstrates how to use a vape pen, the device he uses to ingest cannabis.

Brooklyn Y says:

Good video. Doing this for the first time. Very helpful. Glad you feeling it

Marcell Jjr says:

he was pressing that button to a beat in his head.

Chunk 1978 says:

"a little extra because i'm in more pain today"

srg914 says:

What strain are you vaping? Or what cbd:thc ratio? I will be getting my card hopefully next month in Florida and I'm curious what you're using and how it's working for you.

Nicole Foss says:

Anyone know what pen that is exactly?

El J man says:

Just a pro tip don't hold in the smoke breath with your diaphragm normally.

missee moore says:

Where are you putting the flower in

Norman Harris says:

You don't have to hold it in. Learned that in Amsterdam

Lady Hughes says:

What company made that pen?

Roy Poud says:


Robert Scanlan says:

WOW buddy. . . I mean your right(?) you do in fact hold the button down when you use a vape pen THATS HOW BUTTONS WORK. Dont get me wrong I understand the methodology of taking mini-puffs and cooling the coil, all whithin a single puff. But thats actually really bad for your pen mi amigo. So, thanks for the info, very helpful "USE THE BOTTON ON THE ENERGY STICK"

Dan Taylor Sr. says:

bwaaahaaha! I coughed too, but there is no smoke… it is a vapor. Good video. 🙂

ASAP Mario Navarro says:

joints or hemp blunts all day

themadscientest says:

this guy is so fried, "this body has the energy to work the buttons" lol… you mean a battery?

Angela Siegfried says:

Sounds like the button you mentioned is an option to change the voltage on the battery. I would just take another hit if I needed more pain relief. simple 🙂

Brian Thompson says:

Getting mine tomorrow I know there expensive

Lisa Fabia-Faga says:

hello there…wondering if you have figured out a way to empty the little bit that is always left over in the cartridge?

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