Mighty vs the Ghost MV1 Comparison / On-Demand vs Hybrid Heating Vaporizers

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Side by side comparison of the Ghost MV1 and the Mighty by Storz and Bickel

Two vapes that are technically in the same category but realistically are very different and suite different types of people. We will go threw the devices side by side and you can judge for your self.

What’s in the box.

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Build quality. Both devices are made of medical grade materials. The Mighty is made of a Medical grade plastic called PEEK, and a stainless steel oven. While the MV1 is is a stainless steel exterior, ceramic crucible with stainless steel lid, glass mouthpiece, and a heat sink made of stainless steel with a ceramic interior sleeve. In your hand the MV1 is heavier and you can definitely feel the sturdy build quality.

Durability. About the same, both devices are made well, and will stand up to day to day use very well.

Portability, they are both larger devices so portability is not a streaghty of either device, but in this category the Mighty is the winner, the MV1’s weight and shape make it less portable.

Cleaning and Maintenance. About the same, but the mighty may be slightly better since you are usually just cleaning the cooling unit by putting it into alcohol but the MV1 has some internals that has to be cleaned. Either way should not be a deal breaker both devices are relatively easy to clean

Versatility. Both devices work with dry herb and concentrates. But the MV1 is better for concentrates while the Mighty is better for dry herb. This should be a deciding factor for most people, if you use more concentrates then dry herb the MV1 is best for you and is dry herb is your thing then the Mighty should be your device.

Heat up time. The mighty takes about 60 seconds to hit temp, depending on your settings, while the MV1 heats up in about 10-15 seconds, and each device playing to its strength the mighty is a session vape meant to last longer so heat up time is slower. While the MV1 is meant to be a quick hit vape heating up fast, you can take a few quick pulls and put it away.

Available accessories. The mighty has dosing caps that can be conveniently cared in either 8 pack case or a 4 pack key chain. The MV1 only uses the crucibles so you should buy a crucible kit for convince. The MV1 also has a quick charger which is in my opinion an essential purchase, because the MV1 is so powerful the batter is very big and charging it with the usb cable can take several hours but the quick charger will have it charged in 2 hours. So if your using your device a lot threw our the day then you should have buy a quick charger.

Another factor is connectivity. Not a usual factor for vapes but one that should be mentioned in this case the MV1s temp setting, vibration control, brightness of the LED lights and so on are all controlled via blue tooth app, while the mighty is much simpler with on board controls and screen.

DJLoveNoise says:

I've always wanted the mighty but now watching this video deathly thinking about buying the ghost mv-1.. Simply because of convenience And timing.. However, I still wonder if a mighty is better than the ghost.

dabud1 says:

tera just broke so papa needs a new vape, plz lord if you're listening allow me this crafty +

Patrick Kalatzis says:

These are both wicked devices clearly haha

Passion Vapotager says:

Saw your post on vaporents, Two of my best vapes? I have to do a VS too. Thx to share. Cheers

Bran P says:

Great video!! Would love a mighty!

Richard Elie says:

I would like to enter the give away

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