Overview of The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Features

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www.davincivaporizer.com – Let’s take a look at the overall overview of the DaVinci IQ features. Click the video now!

First, to power on the DaVinci IQ, quickly click the control button 5 times. To power off, click again the control button 5 times and the device will power off.

The DaVinci Smart Path mode provides 4 pre-determined temperature settings that create various experiences in vaporization. To engage in Smart Paths, power the device on by clicking the control button 5 times. Switch between Smart Paths and Precision Temperature mode at any time by clicking the control button once. Then, click through the 4 different Smart Paths by clicking the up or down buttons.

Once you have picked your desired Smart Path, the IQ will automatically engage. Wait until all squares are illuminated solid and you’re ready to vape.

To engage your IQ in precision temperature mode, first click the control button 5 times to power the device on. If your device boots up into Smart Paths, you will need to click again the control button to switch to Precision Temperature mode. Next, select your desired temperature by pressing the up and down buttons. Holding the up or down button will speed up to your set point.

Once you have selected your desired temperature, the display will show your IQ heating up. Once it has reached the set point, you are ready to vape.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support – www.davincivaporizer.com/support/


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What's the purpose of the hard reset feature?

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1:10 Eh?!

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