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Well here we have it, a nrand new Crafty+ and a 2 week old Mighty going head to head. I was extremely surprised with how well they performed! Check the video for the details!
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K-Box unboxing quick look. I’ll do another review after a few uses. Always keep your vapes clean. Warranty on battery. And that wasn’t a lanyard, thats the charger cable. Retractable
Der Extreme Q Vaporizer von Arizer, wer kennt ihn nicht. Ein Klassiker, zuverlässig, vielseitig, robust. Dennoch lohnt sich ein Blick in die Kiste. Die neueste Version wartet mit einem modifizierten Ballonadapter auf um besten Airflow [More]
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Marisa from Maitri gives a step by step tutorial on how to use the Pax 3 vaporizer for consuming cannabis flower. Video by Matt Dayak.