PAX 3 vs ARIZER AIR 2: Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizer Review

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Hello friends, and welcome to my weed vape review of the Pax 3 and Arizer Air 2 portable dry flower vaporizers. Both of these cannabis vaporizers are worthy of the title of best portable vape and in this video I review and compare their pros and cons. I discuss the two brands, vapor quality, price, ease of use, and likely other opinions.

Are you a fan of the portable vaporizer? Do you own / have you tried either of the Pax or Arizer products? If you were in the market for a dry flower vaporizer which would you choose and why? Hit me up down below!

The Busy Budtender is an educational channel all about the Canadian cannabis market, strain reviews, and general tips on consuming legal cannabis in Canada for those who are 19+.

Please consume responsibly; start low and go slow.

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Tyler Lewis says:

Use the second can for a hand can on a table and show the product off 🤯

Bruce Holinight says:

Arizer is a great long lasting vaporizer I've had both the old and new solo but after a lot of use they get a nasty flavor and I never get it out , the Crafty is sic …..period , but expensive !

BC Budtender says:

I have the Air 2 and absolutely love it. Big display and can control the temp on the device itself. Plus the flavor it produces is to die for.

I keep mine at 192C because I generally stay away from Linalool. I also put it through the C250 at home which I picked up from and that's probably the best decision I've ever made. The external battery on the Air 2 is what really sold me on the vape.


Vape God ^^ !


I have a Fog's Xvape really approach of the Pax 3 – but I pay 125$ – Thank for the video !

skooly says:

pax 3 is great mines been running great for years, i got a glass adapter to use it with my bong when i want a bigger hit, really discrete the stealth mode is nice cuz it masks the smell alot i was quite surprised by it i was able to vape anywhere with out anyone ever knowin

Malik Holloway says:

She is soooo fine to me 😍

The Amorphous Blog says:

I've used airizer products before and i absolutely love them. I used to think the pax was a vanity piece. However, a friend of mine gave me their old pax 2 after they upgraded to the pax 3 and i must say that it is a phenomenal unit. I also think the pax 2 is an excellent rival to the airizer air 2 in the $200ish range.

The main difference is that that the pax 2 cant do concentrates without third party parts. However, it has been my daily driver for a year or so now and i am nothing but pleased.

The charge time is decent, the battery life is fantastic and the vapour output is top notch. I would highly recommend the pax 2 over the pax 3 to anyone who needs a good, reliable and discreet vape.

Viroxy says:

I'm a Real Estate agent here in Toronto and I've been looking into upgrading my crappy old Flowermate v2 Pro so this video is honestly perfect for me. I've tried a buddies Arizer before this whole pandemic and fell in love, I felt as if it was a bong transformed into a vape idk lol. I'm gonna pickup the Arizer Air 2 this weekend!

Sammy Blue says:


Erik Stein says:

Disappointed you didn't wear corduroy pants to match the shirt

TheJamesOutlaw says:

Wow a vaping family – you, your mom your brother all vapers. Love it! I wish my girlfriend was into weed but sadly it is a hobby I share alone (growing and vaping it) lol

info warrior says:

I love my Arizer Air. I stopped smoking weed over 4 years ago. It's all about the flavours now.

Paul Leepoy says:

Pax2!andRyot vape

Smokin with Small Town says:


Jon VCinema says:

My favorite vapes so far have been the Mighty, Crafty, Dynavap, Fury Edge, Arizer Solo 2. I've tried a PAX but wasn't crazy about it because the flavor was just so-so. For flavor, you can't beat the first three units I mentioned.

CharleGodin says:

How do these compare to the storz & bickel "Mighty"

Jonathan Barbeau says:

I have an Arizer Air and the Dynavap M. Love them both. I use the Dyna when I go skateboarding/longboarding, camping or just out and about and the air I use it when I go biking or around the house.

Gsxr77 says:

Have you tried a dynavap yet?

LonePigsyAndCub says:

Could you cook a tater-tot in there if you get the munchies on the run? 😛

Johnny M says:

Never been a vape person but the pax seemed neat also easy to use those were cool some high tech ways to get high


Try out the Arizer ArGO That thing is my "daily" driver for about 1,5 years, I got the Air 2 before.. I can tell you. The ArGo takes the spot!

RaginMoose100 says:

I would never buy a Pax. Arizer products all the way. If I wanted to take a step above that I'd get a Crafty+ or a Mighty. I've been using my Air 2 for 3 years and I still love it. Great video!

Mike H says:

Still rocking my Arizer Solo. I got big hands though. Thanks for another awesome video.

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