Pax 3 vs Utillian 721 Vaporizer Comparison Review

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TVape pits two of the hottest portable vaporizers against each other in an epic feud for all the glory – Pax 3 vs the Utillian 721!

The Pax 3 is perhaps the most popular portable vaporizer, with many a celebrity tie-in and sales figure to back it up. But is it really the BEST vaporizer? After a side-by-side comparison with the convection heating and sturdy build of the Utillian 721, you may be surprised at what you can get with less flash AND less money. Learn all about it with the Pax 3 vs Utillian 721 vaporizer comparison review from TVape!

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SomeGuyIGuessOrYknow says:

Picked up a 721 over black Friday (from you guys). Seriously happy so far 🙂

dowotyalike says:

Background music by Pac Man #yikes!

King Asiatic says:

I have a very similar vape – Healthy Rips Force; I also have a Pax3. Pax3 clouds are more dense, sessions last longer, better battery life, better warranty. You get what you pay for!!!


I picked up a Utillian 420 for less than $100 Canadian.

SavageW4A says:

Using my 721 as I watch ?

Maidely Vera says:

Does anyone know how much 721 weighs?

letmefeelthevibes says:

Utillian 721 vs Crafty vs Boundless CFX would be awesome video

Shwa Andary says:

One has a ten year warranty. One doesn't.

Ouroboros says:

Literally vaping my pax 3 as I clicked this….. let's see….

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